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What To Do When Nothing Works

Today was one of those days where it seemed like nothing will work right. I’ve been building the mics for the Lads for the past few days but today was full of big problems. The first problem: those last-minute throat mics that my manufacturer got to me didn’t work at all.

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Throat Mic Processors and USB Audio Modules

More Microphone Building

MAKING THE MICROPHONES USB-COMPATIBLE I’m done building the belt-pack processors for the Lads’ throat mics. Normally, the Thumper TH100 throat microphone has a 1/4” unbalanced output connector (like a bass guitar) and is powered by a single 9V battery. This won’t work for the Lads because they will hopefully be

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Building The Microphones

Today I built the two microphone belt-packs for the Lads. Initially, these are built exactly the same that I build my Thumper TH100 throat microphone belt-packs. Those are designed for beatboxers, but the Lads won’t be doing much beatboxing (although I plan to teach them a little). I’ll make these

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New Masks & Mic Problems

WE LEAVE IN TEN DAYS! A couple weeks ago, I booked my flights from Chicago to Manchester for April 22-27 and for Sam from NYC to Manchester. I did go for the travel insurance, in case there’s some emergency here.   TESTING NEW MASKS Philips sent a couple of their

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Funding, Skyping, Filming

FUNDING UPDATE We have now completed our second week of fundraising and we’re up to $3,464 and 255 likes on our funding page (if only “likes” were worth $5 each, eh?). Thank you SO much to all the contributors & supporters so far. There are a lot of people reposting,

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